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Google adwords

What is adwords ads? Every day there are hundreds of businesses are open, competition in business as well hence become acrimonious. Electronic commerce is a business model that most businesses are applied. But how to make their products accessible to users as quickly as possible, it's a difficult problem? Let Google Adwords help you solve this problem.

Surely now you can understand "What is Google AdWords ads," right? These are the sponsored ads appear on Google when you want. Besides, we also see the true benefits that Google Adwords gives enterprises.

We will not define anything more about this service. What we want to give you is, "How do you embark on a Google Adwords campaign for himself"
To do that the first thing you need to understand some basic terms that Google Adwords provides easier to start advertising campaigns.

* Keywords (Keyword): is a word or phrase associated with the products, services or domains that you give and you want to use it to trigger your ad to appear on Google. That is the decisive factor in attracting potential customers find you.

Example: If you are a company that specializes in interior, you can choose keywords such as interior decoration, beautiful furniture ... or navigate to the keywords with the more detailed segments such as office furniture, bedroom furniture ...

~ The selection of keywords plays an important role in your ad campaign, try to look for your keywords effectively.

  * Daily budget (Daily Budget): is the amount you pay for a specific AdWords campaign each day. Adwords will display your ads as often as possible within your daily budget. Typically, your ads will stop showing when the budget limit is reached by that date. This will help a lot for you as a reasonable balance the amount you pay for a Google Adwords campaign.

  * CTR (Click through rate): The number of times your ad is clicked on divided by the number of times your ad is displayed.
  ~ CTR makes sense how? This is a measure of the effectiveness of ad campaigns you create, the higher CTR rate proved to be effective advertising possible and if a lower CTR performance demonstrates the keywords you select less because there is less related advertisements.

 * CPC (Cost Per Click): is the price you pay for google every time someone clicks on your ad. This amount is called the maximum cost per click (CPC)

 ~ So this money will be like? Google Adwords CPC is provided through two options:

     - Automated CPC bidding: Google Adwords With this option will give you the most optimal solution based on the daily budget that you provide.

     - Set the manual CPC: When you have mastered creating a Google Adwords campaign, the maximum CPC bid you can fully decide and make choices consistent with their own other competitors in order to account for certain advantages.

How to start an Adwords campaign?

First you need to do is visit http://adwords.google.com.vn address, then create an account for yourself. Do not worry because the display language, Google has provided you with an interface entirely in Vietnamese to help you easily manage everything for your advertising campaign.

~ Note: If you previously used Google's Gmail, you can use this account to log in to Google Adwords. However for those who have not used Gmail, start your subscription for one account and use this service. Everything is Google-specific instructions and are easy to carry.

Let's begin to create your own ad campaign first Goole Adwords by clicking the "Create your first campaign for your own"

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