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Google display network

To understand Googel Display Network ads are what? we need to learn a few other concepts. This advertising channel formerly known as ad content network of Google and now known as display advertising network Google.

Google Display Network is a network of thousands of members website (Publisher) are classified into multiple topics represent the main content of a website. The allocation system publisher site into smaller groups to support topics best for advertisers who can target multiple audiences to potential advertisers and advertising close to the target of a campaign or product the most.
Currently Google Display Network members have increased a lot, especially the leading websites in Vietnam are participating the Google Display Network. Thus the cost banner with sky at some sites no longer be leading more advertisers interested.

Thus, the concept for the Google display network advertising: forms of advertising is Google allows advertisers to display ads on the Google Display Network system. This form of advertising allows advertisers to target multiple targets selected according to: list sites set, list the topic of the book website, keyword contextual list and remarket to those who have ever visited the advertisers website high.

Advertising GDN also has the advantages without advertising channels also:
- Ads can be deployed by geography: Hanoi. HCMC, Da Nang, ... Nationwide.
- Ads can be displayed according to the time frame, available time schedule up: according to time slot of the day, days of the week.
- Ads can be changed dynamically, and transparent reporting directly to advertisers from Google.

Googel display ads or ad network Google Display Network (GDN ad) is a form of advertising Googel to display image ads, or text on the system Google Display Network in Vietnam or worldwide.
This advertising channel is a choice rather offers Vietnam to promote the brand, increase sales, the number of new customers. With targeted advertising channel select priority Vietnam GDN has brought significant efficiency without any other form may be.

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