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Google remarketing

Aka remarketing Remarketing google adwords advertising through is how to help you reach these customers had access to a certain page on your website when they visit other sites under Display Network Google. You create a remarketing list (remarketing list) in the administrative section of Google Analytics, this list is not limited in the number of lists you can create. Feel free to go and started yet.

 Remarketing in targeted adwords ads are?

- Visitors to the Website without the conversion (conversion is temporarily out of customer actions brought something valuable for your business: registration, ordering, call ...)

- Visitors who spend less than VND X (where X is the value you want to restrict) - applies if Your Website Online Payment System.

- Guests have access of at least N times (the client has access> N times).

- Visitors to the website through google ads for the first time, the next time a visitor to the form someone without AdWords (search and click on the Web on natural rankings ...)

- Visitors who complete specific goals (buying, ordering, call ...)

- Visitors who complete specific goals within the last N days (Example: The customer has ordered 30 days in advance ...).

- Visitors who view the 1 items in your Web pages larger than 1 times in the last N days (eg The customer saw news sections 2 or more times within the past 10 days ...)

Who should use remarketing?

Remarketing can drive ROI return on investment for advertisers, so it is suitable and effective if google adwords target your ads is:

- Increase the number of customers visiting the new website as well as to attract customers back Website.

- To promote sales.

- Promote the brand and raise awareness of people about your brand.

Activities How remarketing?

Whenever a user to your website, the system will automatically save Cookie, if the user is one of the subjects listed above, adwords advertising system will automatically save cookies on your remarketing list you. This list is used to create campaigns Remarketing (remarketing).

- When you create a remarketing campaign with ads on google adwords for, first, you need to add a remarketing code (as a short code provided by Adwords when creating a new remarketing list) on the page you want to to guest on this page or at the top (header) or footer (footer) to market for visitors to any page on your website. After adding the code to the right, the remarketing list will be activated.

- When someone on site to be attached code, the browser will store information (cookies), then displays your ads to people that when people visit other sites in the Google Display Network.

- Create a remarketing campaign, you will be selected remarketing list (remarketing lists), then your ad will show only to those already on your site, while others will not.

- You also have the option of operating time of 1 ad for customers. For example, you put a 30-day operation, which means that 30 ads are only visible to the person within 30 days, if he do not come back to your site will not see ads on Display Network sites again ( can be applied to cases of click fraud)

- You also have the option to purchase when customers place an order on the website or the google adwords ads do not show up for any more customers by adding code to the function where the purchase or order.

Why should use remarketing

Google adwords ad's remarketing provides customized and flexibility can help you distribute your campaigns effectively. Here are some benefits:

- Target is customizable: You can select target audiences is one of the subjects mentioned above. Example: You want to target the customer has 10 days on the Web site ...

- The ability to display a wide and depth: You absolutely can put your advertising message to reach a large number of users in the list of their Remarketing in a day, a month, a year. Due to the large number of websites participating in the Google Display Network, so you can connect with many users on your lists as they browse these sites.

- Contextual targeting, topic, keyword: You can target as they are on display, thereby google adwords ads appear only when a user is interested in your services, or simply read the news is something relevant to you. You can add other targeting methods, such as contextual targeting keyword or topic.

- Ability to show where your ads appear: You can raise or lower bids based on site performance, or limit advertising on google adwords to your site where the best performing ads .

- Cost optimization, high efficiency: By targeting specific, thereby ads appear only to people who have been on your website - it is those who have the ability to quickly "nodding" before your suggestions.

- Effective advertising pricing: With the Google auction, you can achieve efficient pricing can help increase ROI for your reasonable. With a bid by CPM and CPC, you can flexibly adjust the bid higher or lower to reach your campaign goals.

Benefits of Remarketing

- Access to all customers who visit your Web site.

- To attract customers who do not make the conversion action in the past.

- Attracting visitors to the Order but then again Cancel for any reason.

- Ads about 1 other products for customers who have made the switch successfully.

- Reach customers in one certain period after they have completed their purchase.

The steps to create a remarketing list (remarketing list)

1. Log into your Google Analytics account using the account you associated with your account adwords ads.

2. Click Administration (Admin) at the top.

3. Use the menu in the Property column to select the attributes that you want to create remarketing lists.

4. Click the remarketing list (remarketing Lists).

5. Click the + New Remarketing List (+ New remarketing list).

6. Use the View menu to select a visitor campaign is the subject of your remarketing. Any visitors filtered from the view menu are also filtered from remarketing.

7. Use remarketing option type (remarketing Type) to select the type of visitor you want remarketing:

- All visitors to my site (All of my site visitors): Not required other configuration options.

- Visitors who visited a specific page / section of my website can (Visitors who visited a specific page / section of my site (eg homepage, landing page, shopping cart): Enter the URL of the page or folder on page your web.

- This option uses the contains match type and match any URL that contains what you enter here. If there are more than 1000 page URL for your site, Google Analytics displays matches as you enter text only if matches are found in the first 1000 URLs.

- If there are no matches in the first 1000 URLs, then Analytics displays nothing. In this case, you can copy and paste the URL from the browser or from some other source, such as a spreadsheet URL.

- All visitors who completed a conversion goal (All visitors who completed a conversion goal): Choose target (Goal) from the menu. This option requires you to configure before goals in Google Analytics.

- Create own remarketing type I using Segment visitors: Click + Add new filter to create visitor segments from Filter dimensions & metrics and filters chain.

8. Enter a name for your remarketing list (remarketing list Name) of you.

9. For Membership duration, enter the number of days that visitors meet the criteria are eligible to be served remarketing ads.

10. Click Get estimates (Get Estimate) to get an idea of ​​the number of visitors who meet the criteria of this list. Get estimates consider backward 7 days earlier to see how many users have met your conditions in that period. This is only an estimate of the number of visitors in the future will meet your criteria based on traffic of the previous 7 days.

11. Select google adwords advertising account that you want to use this remarketing list.

12. Click Save remarketing list (Save remarketing list).

13. Add the remarketing lists you at least one ad group and make sure that your ad group is active.

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