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Advertise Zalo

Advertising services Zalo is one of the leading service for group mobile network marketing. Advertising Super Speed ​​grasp the needs of the business promotion, advertising services for Zalo be expanded to promote the brand as well as increase your sales.

Advertise Zalo - potential on mobile networks

Zalo application is currently used most OTT as well as receiving high marks in Vietnam. Zalo is an application developed by VNG and attracted huge user base and growing in Vietnam, Vietnam as well as abroad.

The potential for interaction on Zalo will give you an effective use of advertising services Zalo

Zalo number of users currently number more than 20 million users (as of April 7/2014) and is growing

Every day over 185 million messages Zalo interact with each other and in which about 50 million Sticky used.

Zalo personal page has about 15 million monthly status updates, and about 45 million of interest and view pages Zalo.

On the subject using Zalo most are aged 18-25 years, accounting for 59%, accounting for 24% 2nd with 26-33 year-old age group.

Especially gender group using concentrated mainly Zalo men accounted for 62%, while women account for only 38%. This is an opportunity for these items for men have the opportunity to reach your customers.

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